Graphic Design / Logos for Food and Beverage Businesses

Clouds Coffee Shop is located at a retreat center in Western North Carolina. They needed a new logo.
When it comes to graphic design and logo design for a food-based business, I love guiding the business through this


Graphic design in the food and beverage industry requires a unique approach. Unlike other retailers
where customers may experience a website and a retail space, restaurants have additional branding
needs and customer touch points. For Clouds Coffee Shop and other food businesses, their logo doesn’t
simply stay on their sign and their website. There’s a different thought process involved for logos that
will stay with customers on coffee cup sleeves, coffee bags, and other merchandise. The logo needs to
work well large and small so that it’s recognized on every coffee shop item where it appears.

Clouds also needed new menu designs, so I worked with them to develop a menu design that reflected
their new brand and uniformly aligned with the look and feel of their space.


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Graphic Design for Food and Beverage Businesses Clouds Coffee Shop